What to Expect

  • Results from our sessions are not always typical. We can only take pictures of people and children when they are willing to have their picture taken. We have had our share of sessions where a child was not having the studio experience without mommy by their side, even when mommy really did not come to have her picture taken.
  • Our own newborn daughter screamed her entire session on multiple tries. Sometimes our newborn sessions are a bust beyond our control. We do however make every attempt to get those pictures even if it means having you come back at a later date at no additional cost to get the pictures you want.
  • We prefer Candid pictures of your children sometimes when they do not really like to look at the camera.
  • Please do not ever ask your child to say cheese. The smiles are not real and genuine. We want the "Real Smiles" and I am sure you do too
  • If you are going to get your child's attention, please do so in the vicinity of where the camera is so your child is looking in the general direction of the camera.
  • Please, no yelling at your children during the session. Tears in your photos are easy to remove but putting a believable smile on their face is almost impossible.We can both be really silly during a session in an attempt to get your child to smile. Please don't laugh at us or think less of us for trying.
  • We practice safe photography. And even if you do not hire us to do your photos, please be sure you do not let another photographer hang your newborn baby in wraps or pose them into positions which can hurt them. There are safe ways to get these poses which involve removing the supporting hands of parents in post edit.
  • Our studio is built into our basement so we don't give our address out until the session deposit is made for our own safety and the safety of our children.