Frequently Asked Questions

What is your current pricing?
Our current pricing is always available by clicking the link that says pricing above or by clicking HERE
What is included with my session?
Our sessions always include at least 5 images on a disk with a print release. With some sessions, more images are included.
Do you do sessions on weekends?
When we first started this business and were struggling for clients, we did sessions anytime and anywhere. But we found that once we got good at this it was easy to get consumed by the idea of the "next" image. We quickly found it hard to balance our own personal lives together, our time with our own children, and our full time jobs. So we made a pledge to ourselves and our children that we would only work 2 weekends a month.
Do you travel out of town for sessions?
All the time, but we understandably charge more in those situations.
How long do sessions last?
We do not usually try to set a time limit on a session. I think its bad practice to tell someone the session is over when things are just starting to get warmed up. Newborn sessions typically take the longest depending on the baby. We like to go until we have gotten everything we need and everything you want (within reason)
Do you charge a deposit for sessions?
Yes we charge a $50 deposit for each session with no exceptions. It's unfortunate that some people ruin it for others, but we have been left standing on location more than once waiting for someone to show when they never intended on showing up. We figure the $50 covers our time in those situations. And since we started charging a deposit, we have never been stood up. Deposits also reserve the time slot you request.
What if I need to postpone my session?
No problem at all! Just give us a CALL and let us know. We say call, because sometimes e-mails get flagged as spam. We would appreciate at least 24 hours notice so we may try to fill your spot with another session if possible or make plans with our children.
What if I need to cancel my session?
If you want to cancel your session we require 48 hours notice in order to receive a full refund on the deposit.
Do you offer refunds?
We offer refunds for session deposits as long as 48 hour's notice has been given. We do not offer refunds after services have been performed. It's important to understand that each session is dependent on the person who's picture is being taken. Not all results are going to be as good as others. We cannot be responsible for a baby who cries the entire time or a child who refuses to smile at the camera. We try the best we can but we NEVER know what to expect. We do however offer a free reschedule if the pictures are not what we hoped. This is NOT something that many photographers offer.
Why do I need to create an account?
We bill deposits for sessions through the account you create and assign your gallery to that account for easy access by you. We also occasionally communicate with you through that account.
What if my child does not cooperate for the session?
If after 30 minutes we realize that the session is going to be a bust, we offer the opportunity to reschedule to another day. We do this because we WANT you to be happy with the pictures we got. You are still expected to pay the balance of the session the day of the session, but we will reschedule for a 2nd session for FREE. In certain circumstances we are unhappy with a sessions results and initiate the process of rescheduling a second free session. If you refuse the second session we will give you all the images from the bad session at no charge. (AGAIN, this is at our discretion only. No refund is given in these circumstances.
How do you get my child to smile?
We do our best to get smiles. Briana will jump up and down, make funny noises, and look like a fool trying the best she can. But you as the parent are really the ones who know best what makes your child smile. We definitely encourage you to participate.
What if it rains the day of my session?
We can either offer you a studio session the day of your scheduled session as an alternative or we will gladly reschedule your session to another day.
Why do we charge what we do?
Ahh, the notorious question we get so much. We charge what we do because of the experience and equipment we have. So many people are getting into photography because they see it as a way to make some money. Unfortunately for us, we have not really made any money at this yet. Our equipment literally costs thousands of dollars (About 14,000) to be exact. If we only had a $600 camera we could probably make a little money charging $25 for a session. I read a blog post once that was a response to a craigslist ad which you might find fun to read if you have time.