privacy policy

As photographers we sometimes use the images we capture to present to other potential clients as our portfolio. When you agree to a session with us, and after you sign a release, we hold the exclusive rights to your pictures even after you purchase pictures from us. When your purchase your favorites we are given some of those rights to you (in most cases we are giving you the right to have the pictures printed). But some of the rights we retain are not signed over to you as a client. This is with just about any professional photographer that you hire to take your pictures.

The owner of copyright in a photograph enjoys the exclusive right to reproduce, communicate “to the public by telecommunication,” and exhibit her photographs. The copyright owner is – subject to important exceptions – the only person permitted to copy, print, download/upload, or publicly display her photographs. However, the exceptions are important. The Copyright Act balances this exclusive grant of rights to the copyright owner with other “user rights.” First, even though a photograph is protected by copyright, anyone is permitted to use copyrighted photographs in a fair way for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, review, and news reporting. The fairness of the dealing is weighed by considering the purpose, nature, and extent of the use.

With all of that being said, we do not want to put any pictures out there on the internet that you do not want out there. So in most cases we will not display pictures that you have asked us not to.